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If fishing is your thing, then these guided fishing trips are for you. Make your fishing dreams come true with half or full-day guided fishing trips to some of the best salmon-fishing grounds in the world! Whether you want to drop a line in any of the numerous remote inlets of Desolation Sound, fish around the islands or perhaps cruise over to the world famous fishing grounds of Campbell River, your guided fishing trip will be a trip of a lifetime!

In the last few years, Canada's west coast saw some of the best fishing in the last fifteen years; the angling experience for 2023 is shaping up to be yet another bountiful year with large runs coming through! Coho and Chinook have been the long sought-after beauties off the coast of British Columbia and are by the far best fight out there. There are several other kinds of salmon that come through that are always fun to go out and catch, such as pink, sockeye, and chum, but nothing beats the fight of a big old Chinook aka Spring or King Salmon. Other kinds of impressive and delicious fish to catch in these waters include the prehistoric-looking lingcod with its succulent white meat and weights up to 40 lbs, many kinds of quill back rock cod, yellow eye (red snapper) and in the spring the Halibut run through which can weight up to 200lbs in these parts. It is always nice to drop the Prawn and crab traps on the way out, and get them on the way back in with a nice load of fresh Spotted Prawns or some Dungeness and Red Rock Crab.

These guided fishing trips are run by a professional, experienced guide with a fully licensed and equipped boat. Your guide knows the area well with over 25 years  experience fishing in the area, and he loves to be out there! So get your sun screen and sun glasses - let's go fishing!

All people on the boat must have a valid fishing license, and can be easily purchased online for one day, one week, or one year.

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